Symposium Themes

Themes of Symposiums

YEAR Host Medical
2023 Bangladesh Primary Care
2022 Pakistan Health Care in Covid-19 Pandemic
2021 Taiwan Countermeasures against COVID-19
2020 *General Assembly Taipei was postponed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
2019 India Path to Wellness
2018 Malaysia The Path to UHC
2017 Japan End-of-Life Questions
2016 Thailand Healthcare in Danger, Experience from Member countries
2015 Myanmar Ensuring Food Safety: An important challenge today
2014 Philippines The Health Database in an Information Society
2013 India Be Human Stop Child Abuse
2012 Macau Current Management of Malignant Diseases in the Asian and Oceania Regions
2011 Taiwan [Preconference seminar] Disaster Medicine: Epidemic
Disease, Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Disaster
[Symposium] The Role of Physicians in Suicide
2010 Malaysia Task Shifting
2009 Indonesia Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Health System
2008 Philippines Global Warming An Alarming Phenomenon, What Shall We Do?
2007 Thailand Arts and Science of Healthy Longevity
2006 Singapore Continuing Development in Ethics and Professionalism
2005 Korea Present Status of National Health Insurance in Asia &
Oceania Region
2004 Malaysia Medical Risk Management: Improving Patient Safety &
Quality of Service by Controlling Medical Error
2002 Thailand Roles of Traditional Medicine in Asia and Oceania
2001 Taiwan The Impact of Health Care Reform on the Health Care Delivery System
2000 Japan Infectious Disease Control Measures in Asian and Oceania Regions
1999 New Zealand Health care system
1997 Thailand Global Cooperation in Health Care, Environmental Health,
Torture Today, Rising Cost in Health Care, Urban Vs
Rural, and CMAAO Collaboration in the Future
1996 Korea Health Care Management- in Asia and Oceania
1995 India The Role of Family Physicians in Maternal and Child
1994 Taiwan The Present State of National Health Insurance in theAsian
1990 Korea Health of the Aging Population in Asia & Oceania
1988 Taiwan Tobacco or Health– For Asia and Oceania
1987 Thailand Challenge to Health for All – Medicine Update
1985 Australia Provision of Total Health Care in the Last Decade, of theTwentieth Century
1983 Malaysia The Impact of Affluence on Health and Medical Care
1982 Japan Medical Malpractice in Asia and Oceania
1981 Korea Alternative health care system-Is it cheaper?
Hospitalization and cost Advanced medical technology and rising cost Medical manpower
1979 Taiwan Industrialization and Its Impact on the Health of the Population in Asia and Oceania
1977 Japan Gerontology and geriatrics in Asian and Oceania countries