Taro Takemi Orations

Year Oration
Theme Orator
2023 20 Primary Health Care: where do we stand now? Dr. Mohammad Mushtuq Husain, Member of Executive Committee, Bangladesh Medical Association
2022 19 Health Care in COVID-19 Pandemic Prof. S. Tipu Sultan, Past President, Pakistan Medical Association
2021 18 Post-SARS Taiwan Medical Care System Reform for the Control of COVID-19 Dr. Tai-Yuan Chiu, Professor, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, President of Taiwan Medical Association
2019 17 Path to Wellness Dr Ketan Desai, Past President WMA
2018 16 Path to Universal Health Coverage Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah,
Director-General of Health, Malaysia
2017 15 End-of-Life Care Dr. Fumimaro Takaku, President, Japan Association for Development of Community Medicine
2016 14 Social Determinants of Health Sir Michael Marmot, President of the World Medical Association
2015 13 Ensuring Food Safety: most importantchallenge today Professor Pe Thet Khin, Former Union Minister of Health of Myanmar. Chairman of the National Health Committee, Myanmar
2014 12 Building and Sustaininga RegionalNetwork forHealth ResearchandInnovation in South-Asia Jaime C. Montoya, MD, MSc, PhD PhilippineCouncil for Health Research and Development Department of Science
and Technology Professor, University of thePhilippines College of medicine
2013 11 Child Abuse & Neglect: Challenges &Opportunities Dr. Rajeev Seth, President, Indian Academy of Pediatrics Delhi Chairperson, Indian Child Abuse Neglect & Child Labour (ICANCL) Group
2011 10 From Recipient to Donor: How TaiwanTransformed its Healthcare System Dr. Ming-Liang Lee, President Emeritus of Tzu Chi University & Former Minister of Dept. of Health, Taiwan
2009 9 The roles of Primary Physician inachieving the MDGS Dr. Azurul Azwal, Professor, University of Indonesia
2007 8 60 years of Thai Healthcare under H.M.King Bhumibol Dr. Prinya Sakiyalak, Professor Emeritus, Mahidol University
2005 7 Progress and Problems of HealthInsurance Program in Korea Dr. Tai Joon Moon, President Emeritus, Korean Medical Association
2001 6 Medical Education in 21st Century Dr. Ming-Liang Lee, Minister, Department of Health, Taiwan, R.O.C.
1999 5 Managed Care and the Future of HealthProfessions Prof. Sir. John Scott, University of Auckland and SouthAuckland Health, Middlemore Hospital
1997 4 Environmental Health: UNEP’sPerspective Dr. Suvit Yodmani, Director for Asia and the Pacific United Nations Environment Programme
1995 3 Diabetes and Circulatory Diseases-Asian Drama Prof. J.B. Bajaj, Member, Planning Commission in the rank of Minister of State, Government, India
1993 2 Use of Environment FriendlyTechnology in the Health Industry Dr. M.K. Ralakumar, Past President, Malaysian Medical Association
1991 1 Directions for Health care in the 1990’s Dr. Haruto Haneda, President, Japan Medical Association