The 36th CMAAO General Assembly was held in Karachi, Pakistan

Oct 21, 2022

On September 23-25, 2022, the 36th CMAAO General Assembly (Hybrid meeting) was held in Karachi, Pakistan, with approximately 50 participants from 13 medical associations.

Dr. Qazi Muhammad Wasiq, Treasurer of the Pakistan Medical Association, was installed as the 39th President of the CMAAO for 2022-23.

The General Assembly adopted the CMAAO Karachi Statement on Health Care in COVID-19 Pandemic.

The presentations of Country Report, Takemi Memorial Oration, and Symposium on “Health Care in COVID-19 Pandemic” are available on the “Events” page.

In Pakistan, where the 2022 CMAAO General Assembly was held, one-third of the land was submerged, and many people suffered due to flood damage caused by multiple factors such as record heavy rains, landslides due to abnormal weather, and the melting of mountain glaciers due to global warming. The Pakistan Medical Association set up a relief camp at the PMA office for the flood victims.

At the 2022 CMAAO General Assembly, it was unanimously decided that the CMAAO would send a donation of $30,000 to the Pakistan Medical Association to help victims of the devastating floods in Pakistan.

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